The manufacturer of equipment of microwave and plasma

Promis-Tech Spółka z o.o. was established in December 2004 by Ryszard Parosa, PhD Eng, initially under the name of ATON Sp. z o.o. In accordance with its purpose, the company performs works connected with implementation of innovative technologies based on the use of microwave energy. Direct implementation works in technical scale are usually preceded by research stages often carried out in close cooperation with science&research units.

This mission is fulfilled through participation in research works carried out together with specialists from higher technical education institutes or/and research institutes in the country and abroad. Such cooperation includes development and construction of unique laboratory research sets enabling testing and optimizing the technological processes being developed. Based on the results of the research stages, PROMIS-Tech specialists design, construct and start technological lines in technical scale.

Research and implementation works are developed at the company by a team of outstandingly well educated engineers with vast expertise both in scientific research and in industrial implementation. The interdisciplinary, experienced team and effective cooperation with scientific research institutes guarantee a very high technical level of devices being developed as well as technological lines offered in laboratory as well as industry scale.