Microwave device for sterilization and heating of fuit pulp

The device enables to sterilize and heat fruit pulp with the use of microwave energy. The pulp flows through a ceramic pipe and the microwave generators emit microwave energy into the feed. The capacity of the device totals up 300 l/h of the feed.


Microwave hybrid drier for refractory materials

Microwave drier allows to dry and examine drying process of refractory materials and others utilizing microwave-convective method. Process is conducted in a chamber using hot ait and additionally empowered by microwave energy coming from specific microwave radiator. Mutual microwave and hot air improve drying and therefore cuts down process time by several times.


Plasma system for water treatment

Plasma unit is designed for treatment of water by interaction with UV radiation from plasma arc and by generation of excited nitric elements by plasma. Excited gas containing nitric oxides is introduced to the water and abosrbed in. This leads to production of nitrate and nitrites improving plants growth and seeds germination.


Microwave device for sterilization of fruits in containers

After filling containers with fruit, they are heated up in a tunnel with the use of microwaves to a set temperature. After sterilization, the containers are tightly closed. Fruit sterilization is carried out directly in the containers in which they are sold.


Microwave pulse-and-fluidization drier

Pieces of material being dried are lifted inside the device by a stream of air. As each piece is smothered with the stream of air, the exchange of heat mass is very intensive, which in turn significantly shortens the time of drying. Air pulsing provides an even work of the fluid bed.


Set of automatic microwave-and-vacuum driers

Drying fruits and vegetables in vacuum with microwaves is a very quick process. Particularly effective is drying initially pre-dried material, e.g. in a pulse-and-fluidization drier. Such two-stage drying enables to shorten drying time fourfold.

Dried products have unique characteristics. It is possible to obtain products with lower humidity than when drying using conventional methods. There takes place the so-called puffing process: particles of the material being dried are aerated, they become porous, which significantly improves their ability to rehydrate.


Three-chamber microwave-and-vacuum drier

The latest version of the microwave vacuum drier. The process of drying is carried out in three polypropylene tubes fixed on a rotating drum. Each tube works independently. At the same time, in each of the tubes different stages of the process are carried out; there simultaneously takes place drying, product stabilization and loading and unloading.


Microwave-and-vacuum chamber drier

Drying is carried out in vacuum inside a rotating steel drum. The inner surface of the drum is heated up with hot water. Microwaves are supplied into the drum.


Microwave set for drying walls

The set comprises devices which generate microwaves and two antennae of special structure: tube antenna and rod antenna. With the tube antenna, flat surfaces of walls can be dried. The rod antenna is used to dry the injection zone before making hydrophobic membrane.


Microwave fish-bait hardener

Fish bait is produced in the form of small balls. Preliminarily formed balls of the bait are fed to the hardener, where they are heated up with microwaves in a rotating drum. Already hardened balls are dried in a drum drier of special structure, which prevents the product from sticking during the process of drying.


Microwave generator power supply

Microwave generator power pack with fluid power regulation. Depending on microwave generator we offer 1000 W, 2000 W and 3000 W power supplies. LC power supply 230 V, 50 Hz or 3×400 V depending on model.


Microwave generator

Microwave generator with microwave power up to 3000 W. The generator creates a continuous wave with frequency of 2.45GHz. Generators are offered as water-cooled and air cooled. Power supply consist of two connectors: high voltage 4,2 kW LEMO (or permanent connetion) and 230 V HTS plug.