Microwave drier equipped in vacuum and constant recording of temperature of dried material. Microwaves are emitted into a metal chamber through one or two special radiators connected with the microwave generators (depending on the option of manufacture). The way of placing the microwave radiator and its shape has been selected in such a way to provide good energetic adjustment of generator and inside the drum and to provide good energetic adjustment of the generator and the material being heated up (good transmission of microwaves to the material to be dried).
Depending on manufacture option, the testing station enables drying of a load from 100 g to 200 g with regulated and controlled power of microwaves within the scope from 50 W to 1000 W. The pressure inside the drum is regulated and stabilized during drying in the range from 10 hPa (absolute pressure) to 60 hPa, with accuracy of about 2-5 hPa.

The drying process is controlled by microprocessor driver which regulates the process parameters in accordance with set values and which records important technological parameters.

The photos present a typical testing station, constructed for the Institute of Fruit Farming in Skierniewice, Poland
Zdjęcia przedstawiają zaprojektowane, wykonane
i zainstalowane urządzenie dla Instytutu Sadownictwa
w Skierniewicach.

Basic technical parameters of the drier:

  • Single operating personnel,
  • The eletric power: 240 V (AC), 50 Hz, 1,5 kW (max),
  • Mass of samples up to 200 g,
  • Microwave power: controlled in range of 50W to 1000W,
  • Microwave frequency: 2,45 GHz +/- 25 MHz,
  • Vacuum system: with vacuum pump, moisture absorber, valves,
  • Automatic control: computer with special programme,
  • Controlled parameters: microwave power, pressure in process chamber,
  • All process parameters are recorded.