Plasma unit is designed for treatment of water by interaction with UV radiation from plasma arc and by generation of excited nitric
elements by plasma. Excited gas containing nitric oxides is introduced to the water and abosrbed in. This leads to production of nitrate
and nitrites improving plants growth and seeds germination.
System contains:

  • Main power supply (DC current source for plasma generation),
  • Small magnetic coil current supply – with current stabilization,
  • Main reactor – mechanical construction with rotating plasma,
  • Magnetic coil,
  • Ventilator,
  • Water pipes and electric cables,
  • Plastic cover – mounted at the top of reactor for protection against UV connectors and cables.

Productivity of the system: ca. 200 – 350 liters/hour. Final efficiency can be determined after optimization. Productivity depends on the expected water parameters, like pH factor, density of carbon acids in water etc.

Technical parameters of the selected elements:

Main power supply parameters:

  • Line voltage: 3 x 400 V, 50 Hz,
  • Maximum power: 30 kW (average ca 20 kW),
  • Output: 300 – 600V, 0-40 Amps (adjusted),
  • Current control (stabilization),
  • Operation system: manual,

Magnetic coil supply system:

  • Line voltage 0-12 V, 60 Hz,
  • Power consumption: 24 W (max),
  • Output: 0-20V, 0 – 2A (adjusted with current stabilization).