SH I Hybrid Dryer for Drying Biological Materials

Technical Parameters of the Device

Sample weightup to 1 kg
Air heater power3 kW
Microwave power500 W
Ultrasonic power200 W
Material weight measurement accuracy0.01 g
Number of cyclesdo 50
Measured parametersvelocity and temperature of inlet air, humidity of inlet and outlet air, sample temperature
Adjustable parametersvelocity and temperature of inlet air
Data logging and export from the programspreadsheet


The device enables drying processes on a laboratory scale for selected materials using air at a specified temperature, along with microwave and ultrasonic energy assistance. Drying takes place on a rotating tray, on which samples with a maximum mass of approximately 1 kg can be spread. A 200 W ultrasonic transducer allows the transmission of ultrasound through the air directly into the layer of material being dried. energią mikrofalową i ultradźwiękami. Suszenie odbywa się na obrotowej szalce, na której można rozłożyć próbki o maksymalnej masie około 1 kg. Przetwornik ultradźwiękowy o mocy 200 W umożliwia transmisję ultradźwięków poprzez powietrze bezpośrednio do warstwy suszonego materiału.


SH-I dryer in the research facility

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